14K Gold Diamond Ring RG0231Weight: 7.06g Diamond TCW: 0.35ct Size: 6 Dice Motif
14K Gold Pearl Emerald Ring RG0232Weight: 4.35g Pearl: 4.5mm Emerald: .07ct Size 5.5
18K Gold Pearl Diamond Ring RG0233Weight: 6.19g Diamond TCW: 0.55ct Pearl: 7.9mm Size: 5.5
14K Gold Diamond Earring RG0237Weight: 0.71g Diamond TCW: 0.52ct Size: 7.5 1/2 x 1/8"
14k Gold Natural green Jadeite Earring RG0238Weight: 1.25g Size 7.94 x 5.88mm
14K Gold Diamond Necklace RG0239Weight: 3.95gDiamond TCW 0.7ct Size 1 1/4 x 7/8 "
Gold Plated ELGIN Pocket Watch W/ BSA Emblem & Vintage Dial RG0245Weight: 37.57g Size:...
14K Gold ELGIN Pocket Watch w/ Hunter Case RG0244Weight: 47.5 g Diamond TCW: 0.035ct...
Coral Carved Figurine Weight: 3g Size: 1 1/4" x 1"
18K Red Coral Gold RingWeight: 4.6g Size: 7
18K Gold Jadeite Cabochon RingWeight:  5.83g Diamond TCW: 0.2ctSize: 4.5Jadeite: 15.7x9.4x6.6mm
14K Gold Yellow Diamond RingWeight: 2.35g Yellow Diamond: 0.38ct Size 5
14K Gold Diamond RingWeight: 2.69g Diamond TCW: 0.2ct Size: 3.5
Natural Green Jadeite Bangle Weight: 27.67g Size: 6 1/4 " Inner Diameter: 50mm
18K Gold Pearl Diamond Turquoise Ring Weight: 6.4g Pearl: 8.04mm Diamond TCW: 0.03ct Size: 5.5
14K Gold Sapphire Multicolor Tennis BraceletWeight: 9.32g Size: 7 1/4"
Chain Not included14K Gold Jade Diamond PendantWeight: 3.77g Size: 5/8 x 3/8 "
10K Gold Chain Weight: 11.21g Size: 22"
14K Gold Pink Saphire Diamond Pendant Weight: 3.55g Diamond TCW: 0.08ct Pink Saphire:  0.09ct...
14K Gold & Red Coral Necklace Size: 28"Beads diameter: 7mm~13mm
RG020714K White Gold Ring Setting With Diamonds (center stone not included) 4.45g Diamond TCW...
RG020914K Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring 2.55g Amethyst TCW 0.8ct Diamond TCW 0.02ct Size 5.5...
Cartier LOVE Bracelet 4 Diamonds 18K Yellow GoldSet with 4 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.42...
RG0213Gold Maple Leaf Center Coin & 10K Bezel Pendant 11.48g Tourmaline TCW 0.12ct Diamond...
RG021718K Gold Necklace 29.63g Length 35'' Marked "18K"
RG022214K Gold Necklace 16g Length 19 7/8''
RG020314K Gold Diamond Ring 4.47g Diamond TCW 1.68ct Diamond Color: I Diamond Clarity: VS1...
RG020114K Gold Ring Setting 4.63g (simulated main stone) Size 6 Marked "14K"
RG020218K Gold Jade Diamond Ring 4.12g Jade 2.88ct Diamond TCW 1.5ct Size 5 Marked...
RG020010K Gold Diamond Ring 3g Diamond TCW 1.05ct Diamond Color: G Diamond Clarity: VS1Size...
RG020418K Gold Pearl Diamond Ring 5.2g Diamond TCW 0.09ct Size 5 Marked "18K"
RG020514K Gold Coral Ring 3.33g Size 4.5
RG020672% Platinum 25% Palladium Diamond Ring 2.44g Diamond TCW 0.165ct Size 5
RG020892.65% Platinum 7.35% Palladium Ring 8.09g Size 9.5
RG0210Vintage Chinese Gold Ring Dragon & Phenix 98.97% Gold Ring 4.59g Size 5
RG021218K Gold Tahiti Pearl Diamond Pendant 4.07g Diamond TCW 0.046ct Size 7/8''*1/2'' Marked "750"