Gold buyers in San Mateo

Gold is one of the most precious and beloved metals across the globe. Besides being used for making jewelry and ornaments, it is used in dentistry, electronic industry, aerospace, etc. If you possess gold in any form and wish to sell gold for cash in San Mateo at the best possible prices in exchange for instant cash, visit us!

At Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF, we are the foremost buyers of gold in San Mateo. Been into this business for years, we have gained great expertise in analyzing the perfect price for your gold items. Moreover, we are highly reputed gold buyers in San Mateo that also deal with buying other precious metals like Silver. We love to buy all types of gold accessories like gold coins, gold jewelry, gold bullion, etc. On top of that, you can visit Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF even for broken, damaged, scrap gold, you can sell gold for cash in San Mateo at higher market values.


We Deal in a Wide Array of Gold Items

Gold Bullion

Selling Gold Bullions was never such easy as it is with Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF. We trade in a diverse range of Gold Bullions comprising of Gold Bars, Gold Mints, and all types of Bullion Coins. We are the right choice for the one who wants to exchange their Gold Bullions for a handsome cash amount.

Gold Jewelry

The gold jewelry or the gold ornamentals you possess can be a life savior in times when you are in great need of instant cash. You can visit us to sell all kinds of old, rare, damaged, and broken gold jewelry. So, if you own any gold jewelry items like gold rings, bracelets, chains, nuggets, etc, contact us!

Gold Coins

We deal in the sale and purchase of all types of gold coins. Furthermore, we buy gold coins in any size and quantity variants. Gold is something whose value is expected to show a great spike in the years to come. This encourages us to provide you the maximum market price in exchange for the gold coins you possess. Also, Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF is known as the Best Gold Coins Dealers in San Mateo.

Scrap Gold

Selling scrap gold can be a troublesome process. But, with Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF, it’s not the same! We buy all types of scrap gold including dental gold, gold teeth, gold crowns, junk gold, gold rings, etc.


What Makes Us the Best Gold Buyers in San Mateo ?

We rank amongst the leading Bay Area gold and silver Buyers in San Mateo. Our shop is widely known across the United States for providing instant cash for gold. Furthermore, we abide by a legal process while buying your gold. We are a perfect one-stop place for an individual who needs cash and wants to sell his gold at the best price.

Whether you know your gold’s worth or not, we’ll help you know the exact worth of your gold belongings. Moreover, you can sell your gold at a higher price value than your gold’s actual worth. The gold price changes with varying rates in the metal’s current market value. However, at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF, you need not worry about anything. We buy your gold at the Best Gold Price in San Mateo!

How to Sell Gold in San Mateo ?

Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF has a highly professional and experienced staff. We examine your gold articles as per their weights and Karat values. Have a look at the comparison between the purity of gold in its respective Karat values:

24k: 99.99% gold

14k: 58.33% gold

22k: 91.67% gold

10k: 41.67% gold

18k: 75.00% gold

8k: 33.30% gold

Also, we consider the price of gold per ounce. We ensure to maintain transparency in the deal for sell gold for cash in San Mateo and make it a completely hassle-free process. For this, we follow the internationally accepted work standards to secure a 100% customer satisfaction.
So, if you’re still in search of the Trustable Gold and silver buyers near me, get in touch with Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF now!