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Coins that We Deal in Oakland CA

Rare Coins

For any sort of rare coin that you possess such as Half Dime(S), Nickel(S), Cents, Pennies, Silver Dollars, or all other rare coins, reach us for a good value. We access the condition, type, and value of these coins and then offer a fair price to purchase them right away. Either that’s of low grade, high grade, cleaned, or whatever its condition is, you can reach us to sell coins in Oakland CA.

Proof Sets

Usually, the customers having proof sets, find it difficult to get cash in exchange for them. But no worries! We at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF provide you the best price in exchange for these proof sets. So, any proof set collections including Canadian or US proof sets, you can bring to us and get money on the spot. Moreover, gold proof sets, old proof sets, silver proof sets, foreign proof sets, platinum proof sets, rare proof sets, we deal in all!

Commemorative Coins & Coin Sets

If you were looking for fetching a good price from commemoratives then we are here to give you the best price instantly. For all sorts of commemorative coins or coins sets viz. Canadian fold coins, British, US, Mexico, Europian, or even old or modern coins, we buy every one of it. Even if it’s damaged or a complete coin, whatever the position is, we access its price by keeping some imperative points in consideration and offer you the best price to sell coins in Oakland CA.

Mint Sets

Either you have old mint sets, rare mint sets, silver mint sets, proof mint sets, or any other, we are all here to buy those and offer you the exact value of those sets. Besides all these, we deal with error coins, Morgan Dollar Silver, Peace Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar 1964, Franklin Half Dollar, Chinese Coins (China Coins), or even Chinese coins ancient and many more. By reaching us, you can get to know Morgan Dollar Silver Value or Kennedy Half DollarValue or any other coin’s value on the spot to reach it’s the best price.

Foreign Coins

You can sell any foreign coin if you have in Oakland CA by reaching us and instantly can convert it into money and enjoy by having the best deal ever. Old foreign coins, world coins, rare world coins, mint world coins, slabbed foreign coins, proof world coins, silver world coins, or any other world coin if you possess, you can wholeheartedly visit us and get the fair price from us.


Access the Exact Value of Your Coins to Gain Maximum Profits!

The basic issue every customer suffers from is not getting the right Chinese coins value or any other coin’s value. We at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF help you in accessing the exact value of coins in silver or gold that you reach us to sell coins in Oakland CA. You get the most efficient dealings at our place.

We access the value of coins first and then offer you the price. Our expertise and yearly experience will help you get the complete worth of your coins either that’s silver or gold and gets appropriate cash after the valuation of the coins.

Dedicated Team at Your Service!

To assist you during the whole buying & selling process our expert & dedicated team helps you understand the right investments at the right time. We help you getting valuable coins & assisting you in building your portfolio in the right direction with Chinese lucky coins. Even we guide you to taking the right gold & silver pieces for you.

Even we are efficient buyers and provide you the accurate appraisals of coins. We offer fair & honest pricing to our customers and directly turn your coins into cash. So, you can reach us wholeheartedly to buy & sell coins in Oakland CA at standard pricing.

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