Cash for Silver

A simple way to sell your silver

Silver is one of the common precious metals highly used by the people. It is kept in various diversified forms such as utensils, ornaments, boxes, cufflinks, anklets, coins, tea sets, showpieces, etc. Getting cash for silver is a practical way to generate instant money. It is the frequent selling and buying of metal in various forms, but the prices is volatile in nature as that of gold.

We, at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF, are here to provide you with the easiest and simplest way to sell silver for cash. You can bring all the unwanted silver jewelry and other silver items to us. We will provide you the highest deserving value for it.

Therefore, come to us and get amazing rates for your sale of silver with us. We ensure that every transaction is executed in a highly secured and safe manner. Why get less money for your sliver when you can make bigger profits? Eliminate the middleman of the jeweler or pawnshop owner by directly selling your silver to us. Moreover, instant payment is provided if you sell silver to us.


We Accept All Type of Silver

Now, coming to what we buy to offer relevant purchase value, as there are no limitations. You can bring us any article of silver such as jewelry, coins, bullion, broken utensils, or any other items and we will buy them at the rate depending on its purity and weight. We even accept scrap silver and pay the best value for them.

Sterling Silver: We pay cash for anything sterling silver candlesticks, platters, salt, and pepper shakers, vintage sterling silver, sterling silver money clips, antique sterling silver, sterling silver tableware, sterling silver belt buckles and so much more. Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF can offer the right price for it!

Silver Bullion: We make it easy for you to manage your wealth! With our focus on buying silver bullion such as American Silver Eagles, silver bars, silver rounds, silver Maples, silver Pandas, silver Kookaburras tubes of bullion coins, and you can benefit from pricing and premiums that are highly competitive in the industry.

Silver Coins: Whether the collection began as an obsession or is something recent, Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF will pay you cash for them. We buy all silver coins such as old silver coins, silver world coins, graded silver coins, proof silver coins, silver coin sets, and other silver coins, regardless of their denomination, condition or country of origin. If your coins contain silver, we’ll accept them and pay you the cash for silver San Francisco as per the current market value of it.

How much is my silver worth ?

At Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF in San Francisco, the condition or appearance of your silver isn’t crucial. All of the material we buy is melted down, refined, and recycled, so we buy silver items of value despite regardless of how damaged, broken, or ugly they are and offer cash for silver San Francisco. The price we for items is based on the ratio silver to non-silver in the material, a characteristic known as purity. In the U.S. market, silver items typically categorized under four common purity grades:

Fine silver (.999, or 99.9% silver)

Coin silver (.900, or 90% silver)

Sterling silver (.925, or 92.5% silver)

German silver (.800, or 80% silver)


Here You Can Find Us to Sell your Silver

Get cash on the spot! At Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF, we are proud to be a leading company in San Francisco. When you want to obtain cash for your sterling silver, simply bring your items directly to us and get cash or a cheque on the same day for your convenience. You’ll feel comfortable coming to us to get cash for silver San Francisco.

Contact us at the mentioned details below on our given numbers to get connected to us. You can also get answers to all your queries as our experts at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF in San Francisco. So whenever you want, you can reach out to us. We’re here to answer all your questions or concerns that you may have!