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Welcome at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF to sell gold articles at handsome prices. We are the top-picked dealers of precious metals that deal in all types of silver and gold articles. Our gold buyers in San Francisco pay you the exact amount and not less the worth of your products.

Gold is the most precious metal beyond any doubt. It’s a good source of wealth too that makes up your investment. However, when you decide to sell it then the only point that comes to your mind is to get the maximum value out of it. At our platform, we measure the value with complete transparency and help you get maximum out of it.

We assist you throughout the process and access the value of coins & every other gold or silver item at the right time and help you get the best price of it.


Gold Articles We Deal In!

Gold Coins

Selling gold is a common practice. The gold rates depend upon the market prices so you can reach our gold buyers in San Francisco, get an exact assessment of it and turn it into cash within no time.

Gold Jewelry

Any sort of gold jewelry that you possess and want to sell then reach us and get the best price by selling it. We accept new, old, antique, and even broken pieces of jewelry too. We access the values correctly and let you make the maximum of it.

Gold Bullions

Gold bullions are a major source of wealth building and private investment. There are a plethora of gold bullion items or products and if you want to sell it then, we at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF are ready to buy it. We are a good answer to your question of reaching the best gold buyers near me.

Scrap Gold

The scrap gold or gold that is recycled by refiner after melted down, can also be sold to us. Our gold buyers in San Francisco measure the value by weighing the scrap gold and provide you worth right away. All the process is done in front of you as we believe in transparent dealings.


Where to Sell Gold Articles ?

While having a huge collection of gold coins or gold articles, if you are finding the best place to sell it, then Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF is the best place to get it done. We are here to give you the best price for all your gold articles. As prices or gold & silver are hiking up so it’s always better to sell it & grab a profitable opportunity at our space.

We test the articles that you bring to us and weigh them properly to access the right value. After doing so and considering some important points, our gold buyers in San Francisco tell you the estimate of your gold articles at which we are ready to buy.

Fetch the Best Gold Deal in San Francisco

Your search for having the best gold deals in San Francisco surely ends over here. We at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF are reputable gold buyers and provide a handsome price to our customers in exchange for gold. In San Francisco, you wouldn’t get any better gold dealers than us.

We provide the best gold price in San Francisco. Anything that you possess in gold and want to sell it then you can wholeheartedly come to us and get the handsome price in return! Besides all gold articles, we accept the scrap gold and you can fetch a good price out of it.


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Any gold coin, gold jewelry, or articles you possess and want to sell then reach us at Coin Gold & Stamp Buyer SF. For the best gold price in San Francisco, it’s of utmost importance to have experience and expertise. Our gold buyers in San Francisco possess both as we are working for years. Our knack in accessing the right valuation of gold & silver items is above all. We buy and sell it by keeping your portfolio requirements in mind and help you build investments in it at the right time.