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Probing for the Best Place to Buy & Sell Coins in San Francisco?

At SF Coins Jewelry & Antiques, we value for the valuable collection of the coins you possess. We deal in sale and purchase of all types of coins ranging from modern to collectable coins. Selling your coins at the desirable rates can be a very disconcerting process. For this reason, you need to look for the best coin dealers in San Francisco who’ll quote the perfect price for your coins. Providing top-notch quality services, SF Coins Jewelry & Antiques is the foremost buyers & sellers of coins in San Francisco.

If you’re a typical coin collector or have inherited a precious family coin collection, we’re the place where you’ll be served the best! Having been into this business for years, our best coin dealers in San Francisco hold great expertise in helping you to get the right price in exchange for your coins.


Coins We Buy & Sell

Kennedy Half Dollar

It is one of the most popular and beloved coins issued by the United States Mint. SF Coins Jewelry & Antiques offers the best price for Kennedy Half Dollar depending upon the condition of the coin.

Franklin Half Dollar

This coin picturing the founding Father Benjamin Franklin is also very highly in demand. If you have a collection these coins, we can offer the maximum possible Franklin Half Dollar Value to you.

Morgan Dollar Silver

This coin was one of the first standard silver dollars to be minted in the United States. We’d love to buy these coins from you and are happily ready to proffer the best Morgan Dollar Silver Value in return.

Peace Dollar

Again, it’s one of the valuable, rare, and antique coins that can fetch you some good cash amount in return. Also, it’s a highly desirable coin as it was result of a competition to find designs emblematic of peace.


Where to Buy and Sell Coins in San Francisco ?

Are you living in San Francisco or any of the adjoining areas like the South San Francisco or the San Mateo? If yes, and you want to buy or sell your coins collection at an exciting price range, visit SF Coins Jewelry & Antiques. We have a highly professional and experienced best coin dealers in San Francisco. Our team has a deep knowledge while dealing in the sale and purchase of coins. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can visit our store to sell or buy a diverse range of rare coins, commemorative coins, old coins, slabbed coins, graded coins, high-grade coins, mint coins, proof coins, and many more. At SF Coins Jewelry & Antiques, we understand the reasons for which an individual sells his coin collection. For this purpose, our best coin dealers in San Francisco try to serve them at the earliest and in the best possible way we can. Altogether, if you’re looking for a place to buy and sell coins in San Francisco, we are the perfect choice for you!